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Hi All,
Newbie here with an oil question.  I rode the 60 miles home from my favorite dealership after an oil change and parked my bike in the garage. While in the garage this morning, I noticed a large amount of oil on the floor under my bike. Yesterday on the way home, I smelled a little hot oil, but I just assumed he spilled a little while adding it. I centered the bike to check the oil level while the engine was cold and there was no bubble in the oil window, it was past the full mark. There was oil leaking around the drain plug. So it looks to me that the tech put way too much oil in my bike for some reason. My question is this: what occurs when the bike is ridden with too much oil in the crankcase? Did I do any damage to my bike while riding it almost an hour? Is there any other place the oil may have tried to seep out of other than the drain plug, causing damage to the engine?  

Also, I would like to suggest to everyone who posts a problem on here to come back and also post the solution when they find it.  I searched this site for 45 minute regarding problems with hot-starts.  There were several posts complaining of problems with hot starts and lots of suggestions on how to fix the problem; however, not one of the riders posting the problem came back and said what the solution was.


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Excess oil is going to try to force it's way out of everywhere it can. Cooler lines, filter seal, fill cap, etc.. if it's blowing past the filter is going to leak down to drain plug.
Call the dealer and let them know what has happened. Be level headed and you may get them to run a truck out to pick up machine and take it back to them. Be very angry but do so intelligently.


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Well, heres another post about about " I brought my bike in for (insert rip-off procedure here), and came home and found ( insert krunked bike / part here)".

Take it back immediately. If/ when it gets resolved -NEVER go back. This is why I do my own work / maintenance.......

Oh- and welcome / we need pics.


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I put 4 quarts in my bike during the 1st oil/filter change and it was not too much. i would call the dealer and let them figure out what they did.
(guido4512 @ Oct. 17 2006,12:34) That 3rd pic looks like a painting! Looks kewl  
Thanks all for the tips and the kind words about my bike.  The third pic was doctored with Adobe Photoshop Elements.  I chose the watercolor setting and "presto"!.., artsy fartsy Busa!
It will just come out of the breather at the top of the crankcase. You'll probably have a significant amount of oil burning because it will get sucked into the intake so much easier.


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Glad they're willing to come out and get it...and take a look at it.

Oh, and


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I get a little oil on the case when the o-ring is twisted or bad.

good luck, let us know how this turns out.


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There are a couple of things that could have happened....
1. Stripped pan from over tq
2. Drain plug too loose under tq
3. Crush washer missing or damaged

If it is a steady leak even when cold, suspect over tightened (stripped) plug or problem with the crush washer...

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