oil level problem


I put in a brocks clutch mod, got it all back together and started it up while on the stand, the oil level was full in the glass, when i revved the motor the oil level didn't change much, is this normal or do I have an oiling problem?
How high did you rev it? Unless you revved it to 10k+ and held it there, I doubt you would notice any changes.

Oiling problems will show up very quickly on an engine.

Usually the oiling problem alarm inside the engine wakes up the factory installed sleeping chipmunks inside your engine and they get pissed and start beating on your engine cases with little hammers...
Only revved it to about 5 grand, i just figured it would be sucking up the oil pretty good, didnt want to mess up my motor, thanks for the help
When a Busa is on a rear stand the oil level should look low in the sight glass,not full,assumiing it has stock suspension.

Do you have too much oil in it?

Ride it and let it cool off...then check it...or rev it up and make noise...still let it sit and check it twice
Don't overfill the engine with motor oil, there is a indicator in the sight glass to know the full level. Having to much oil is almost as same as no oil at all.
3.5 quarts fills to bottom line in sight glass
3.75 quarts fills to top line in site glass
4 quarts fills site glass completely
All with the bike upright and off the kickstand
I always fill mine with 3.75, it's anyone's argument to which is right.
I am not sure if you will see too much change in your oil level once it is running. From working on cars I know there is a pressure relief valve too keep your oil system from blowing out seals and the like.

There is a chance you will see a significant draw from start-up to running because all the oil has settled into the pan.

Other than not seeing a draw down is there any reason you have to suspect an oil issue?
Run to top line in oil sight glass with both wheels on ground, im comfortable with oiling on it, but when I launch hard I still hear a chatter out of the clutch, soft or just pulling off stop lights does not give me that noise, clutch basket bearing maybe?