Oil leak?!?


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The last several times I've ridden I've noticed several drops of oil sliding out of the right (sitting on the bike) lower fairing vent, the one closest to the ground.

The first couple of times I noticed itI thought I must have ridden through something on the road as my oil level continues to read full (never varies).

But getting to work this am I saw a fresh drop, and it's clean oil.

I haven't pulled the fairing but I've looked inside with a flashlight and there's no visible evidence on the fairing or motor of oil, dirt, etc.

I suppose I'll have to pull the fairing to have a better look-see, but has anyone else ever had this happen?

Any ideas?

Haven't had this happen but you may want to check the oil cooler lines and/or the oil filter. Hope its nothing too bad.
have you ever taken the lines to the oil cooler off? those are the first fittings I would check if you are sure the oil is coming out ahead of the drain bolt.
Never had the oil cooler off, and the filter doesn't appear to have any oil seeping around it.

Good thoughts, though.

The bike runs like a champ, and has 4800 miles on it. I bought it new so I know its been taken care of.


Probably the oil filter. You may need another 1/8th or 1/4 turn (right not left).
mines leaking a little bit to, check the oil sending unit thats where mines leaking from
Also check the engine case breather cover and hose. My hose had a tear in it that caused oil loss.
I had the same type symptom/ position. It was those darned Fram oil filters that kept leaking on me. I tightened them up and the seals would just keep leaking.
use suzuki filters ....... they might cost a buck or two more...but I'll be damned if I have ever heard of any failures related to them.....been using them on 5 motors over 17 years.
Well, I pulled the fairing and crawled all around the motor with a flashlight. I could find no evidence of a leak anywhere! No seepage around the oil cooler lines, the oil filter, the oil pan, nada. I tightened one bolt on the oil pan and the sending unit (I think that's what it was), buttoned it back up and no more leaks.

Until today. 200 miles and nothing till I got to work this am.

It only leaks a few drops, and I can't tell the oil level has changed. But it's very puzzling. I'm stumped!