Oil Leak help....

Hey Orgsters..... I have a leak that seemed to be coming from the drive/output shaft seal (the oil seal behind the front sprocket). My brother and I went to change it and discovered some black plastic shards sitting in the channel on the backside of the seal. I have no idea where these could have come from since the seal seems to be placed in an area where nothing could get into that channel. I removed the shards and replaced the seal... the bike seems to be running fine after about 200 miles... The attached is just a pic of the underside channel of a seal that i'm talking about. Not mine.... thoughts?

What led to the leak is a mishap after a failed trunk mod... My rear tire rubbed a hole in the trunk and caused a shirt that I had in the trunk to be lodged between the sprocket and chain.... The ass end locked up at 75mph...


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