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What do ya drink.
We know everything else but this.........What were we thinking?
I like to have a good stiff shot of Perrier right b4 bed then wash it down with a shot of 40 proof homegrown.
No really....... John Labbatt Classic, or Corona......ya, ya, ya panzy beer.........I've heard it b4.
mixed drinks....... Long island ice tea.......

beer.... Miller light draft........

shots..... Grand Marnier.......

Hey ten mins for the first reply with only three members on right now.......not bad.......but after all, this is an extremely
important subject that should be treated with utmost seriousness and respect!!!!!
Water ... Maybe some hot choco when I'm in a dangerous mood ...
I don't drink, my abilities to think and to walk in a straight line are limited enough as they are ...
How can you ride your vespa being that skilled?

Why is it that in all the threads I read, you are the last to have something posted...

It looks like i am stalking you... but i am not! I am not THAT strange!
We did this before.

I like trying different beers from different countries.
Red Stripe

As for the hard stuff
Grand Marnier
Absente mmm...110 proof
== Liquor ==
Tanqurey (sp?) and tonic
Tanqurey Martinis with olives and onions
18 YO Glen Moringey (sp?) on the rocks
All whiskey, rum, vodka, etc. mixed drinks

== Wine ==
Cabernet Sauvignon
occassionally Chianti

== Beer ==
Sam Adams
And: Home brew...    ( ;

== Shots & Shooters==
Any and all!

== After Dinner ==
Grand Marinier (love the 100 YO)
Single malt Scotch for me but sometimes I like a good beer. Kind of like that Mich Ultra low carb beer.
second version, after the crash of November '02.... and this is before I quit drinkin..........

Oh, I do drink Odoul's on occasion
No more than 3 Coors (Non- Alcohol) gotta keep da head on st8 @ all tymes.
Well I used to like to drink a few MGD's or a couple of Red Stripes but with the two little ones now, I've been sticking to the ice cold tea(not long island), and as Sleeperbusa said gotta have my frozen Mountain Dew!!
Beer, is Corona, no lime. As far as drinks are concerned, a spicy bloody mary or Captain and 7 up. Don't do shots anymore, too many bad fuzzy memories.
I dont drink very often, I prefer to keep my head clear. But when I am hosting a party or something and I know I am not going to want to ride later?

Favorite, Captain morgans and Coke,
followed by: Crown and Coke,

Then we get into the silly Fu Fu drinks I like a lot.

White Russians,
Dooleys toffee in coffee,
Bailey's and coffee
Dooleys Baileys and Cream in coffee,
Dooleys, Baileys, Cream, and Vodka in Coffee.

Over Ice cream, on and on...