Preppers ??


Anyone else doing a little prepping as you can,,I know I have a few stores put back, but most everything asociated with survival/camping/storage has gone from within my range to just downright expensive,,I know a lot may not care/believe in all this, but I don't need those opinions,,just wanting to know what or about what others are doing.
Not a prepper by any stretch of the imagination but I have nearby: water, MREs (from work), shelter stuff, matches/lantern/flashlight, medicines, flashlight, ammo. Too easy to get spun up and carried away :banghead: (watching the TV show does not help either).
I watch these shows where folks have like 30,000 dollars worth of canned veggies and food rest for whatever and I think what are they gonna do with that stuff when the shelf life expires? Some dried foods last for a very long time but most of the food they are buying is regular stuff with 2-3 yr shelf life? Doesn't make sense. Guns and ammo I have, will get food :)
I guess those on the shows are getting prepared if if is a economic collapse or something simple like that. :laugh: But what will all those supplies,years of scrimping by and planning, going without enjoying themselves and underground bunkers do when the poles shift causing super volcano's affecting complete continents,mile high tidal waves,floods & earthquakes start saying "Hello were here, Myan's told you we were coming and there was nothing you could do about it." :rofl: If any of those happen you'll just have to follow the ole saying. "Put your head between your legs, and kiss your azz goodbye".
LOL. That is all.

If there is an earth left, I will survive until I am dead. But some of you are just flat out crazy with the spending you do on this nonsense. I'll have a beer with you if we ever meet, but I just have to let that opinion out. Crazy talk, and I mean that as inoffensively as possible (I know, I know).
If your referring to the Mayan calender, I don't put much stock into it. I'm more worried about the economy/middle class tax/loss of American culture war that is brewing. And yes, my girlfriend thinks I'm crazy too:laugh:
I have some stuff put away only because I moved from a hurricane prone area to an earthquake prone area.:banghead: I figured 7 days of stuff for five people is plenty. If we need more, we'll get it. Has nothing to do with class wars, Mayan stuff, or doomsday.....just basic natural disaster prep.