Not so new Newbie


Busa members,

I started checking out this board over 1 year ago and just logged on as a member about 3 months ago. I have jumped in and out of a few posts and cannot believe all that I have learned.

So, with that said, this is me, here goes....

My name is Bike382, and I am a Busaholic. I love the rush of top speed on the Salt or Maxton. I can think of nothing better than a full tank of gas and nothing to do but ride.

In real life I am an Engineering Manager, 32, married with a daughter. I lucked out, they both love to ride as much as I do. So 'Big Dog' has a little sister a 650 Burgman. Not a bad little scooter.

Sorry for the late introduction


PS - I miss RSD, he really kept things interesting. Does this make me odd?
I liked RSD too guys but I guess he let us know how he really feels.


Welcome, A Busa and a Bergman in the same garage though? I dunno...kinda creepy almost :D

RSD added a bit of a grounding balance to the board. He was the Darkside that kept the forces of the board in balance... Still the best home for Busa lovers hands down, but I miss the occasional RSD delivered backhand...

Oh and uh, just to remind us all....

Fug you!!! :eek:
Welcome.........nope doesn't make you weird at all......most of us appreciated Rubba's crazy antics.
Cap.......I'm miss the mean old dog.....I kinda thought you didn't quite see eye to eye for some reason. ;) :super:
Its a good bunch you found here.

not to derail this thread but I was gone a couple weeks, come back and my favorite smooth jazz radio station went toatlly hip-hop... and now RSD has left?? Someone PM me or post where he went
Bummer about your Jazz station, it's great music.

Not sure where RSD went, he just signed off. Do we need to send out a search party for him?:super:
I'm not sure saying RSD 'signed off' is appropriate. I am sure he would agree that he 'fugged off' instead. Will we have to rely on JC to start adding the flavor that we now miss from RSD?:super:

Rev, it is kinda creepy seeing the Burgman sitting next to my bike but it keeps the wife happy.

Thanks for the welcome guys.:cool:
Welcome to the board Bike382!  Glad to have you pics!  We're all picaholics here (you guys like that new techie term?)