newbie to busa world

first of all thanks for allowing me to your forum!!! i just traded my honda blackbird for a 07 busa. i really know very little on these bikes, bike is stock besides someone hollowing out stock pipes. i was wondering if there was anything i need to do to this bike, i basically want to keep it stock, but didnt know if there were any tricks or tweeks to do to the stock bike?


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Don't need to do anything to keep it stock! :laugh: As you ride the bike or check out some of the bikes/posts on the board you'll come up with some stuff you want to do. Until then how about posting up bikes of your bike? Welcome! :beerchug:


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:welcome: to the oRg. The list of mods is endless my brother... You could always start with cams and pistons :laugh: It would still look stock :whistle:
thanks for all the friendly welcomes. not really sure yet how to get the pics up but will try soon. oh yeah i was going to ask, i noticed riding the other day, that bike when u come to a stop, does not idle down it stays at about 1500-2000. when i left off the clutch with bike in gear it will come down, not a major problem but annoying. any clue?? and thanks again.

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