Newbie saying hello


Hello all,
Tons of info

Going to look at a 2003 Busa with 19,000km,any tips besides the usual thing like dropped,alignment?....etc

Any help would great.
i would suggest take two buddies with you who know alot about bikes.i would not purchase anything with an extended swing arm cause might have been dragged.i just bought mine this summer.i looked a every nook and cranny research common problems for that year.and with any auto purchase be willing to walk away dont let your heart drag you into a bad purchase
Welcome, check the oil color, chain for lube and cleanliness, ask about the last time the clutch and brake fluids were replaced. Check the brake rotors, tire condition(but cant always judge on tires just make sure there is not a bunch of rubber in the tail, too many burnouts), check the fork seals for leaks(could indicate wheelies). Best off of the top of my head.
What they said, and: Check for current tabs, pretend the aftermarket parts don't interest you and ask him why he's selling it.
Welcome man. these guys know a lot about this stuff so take heed of all the good advice.

My experience is if you conversate (face to face) with the seller some about the bike before purchase, you can gauge how much/how well they took care of the bike.
hi, im about to replace one of the intake valves on a 99 busa, is it possible to do so with the engine in frame? thanks!