Just thought you guys might like to know Ivan's Performance just came out with a "Smart" TRE for the 'Busa.

I just ordered mine.....

The cost of the unit is $110.00 and can only be purchased directly from Ivan's at this time.

I was told that the smart TRE uses a micro processor to send better signals to the computer than the regular one does. I was told that some of the 'Busas willk run rougher in neutral with the original TRE because the computer won't know that the bike is in neutral. The new smart TRE overcomes this and some other drivability issues. I'm told you can not tyell that it is installed, except that there is much better low end power, and they do verify that the top speed will be derestricted as well, although they say that the bikes computer will still limit the speedo, however the speed will continue to climb.

that's all I know about it. I will let you know how it works once I put it in, although we're getting into snow season here so I don't know how soon that will be.

Ya man lets us know.I had the old TRE on my busa but after
couple of months i removed it not real happy about the
improvment but Im really interested with the new one.
hoping the new is lot better than old ones.
Johnny, cant find any info on this" NEW TRE"  on their
website. can u tell me which website did u order yours.

thank u

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There is no information on their web site. They just came out with it 2 weeks ago. I only found out about it because I called ivan's directly. (845-362-1212)

In fact, mine just came in. It's too cold to ride today, but I installed it in about 10 minutes and I can say that the bike started up much better than usual. It actually ran pretty good cold. Also, when it warmed up, the idle was perfectly smooth. Standing throttle response was also much smoother. The smooth idle would indicate to me that the microprocessor cured the idle issues I've heard about.

That's all I know because the information is very limited about it. I'll let you kow how she rides after the weekend. Weather permitting.

Another update.

Tried the new TRE today. Honestly I don't really notice much if any horsepower increase although it runs much more smoothly now so it's hard to tell. It definitley is not less powerful, although the power delivery being much smoother might trick you into thinking there's less.

I whacked the throttle pretty good in first and got some good tire spin which has never happened before, but I can't tell if it's increased power or the fact that it's getting really cold and the tires are starting to slip a lot. It was only 45 deg. out when riding today. Getting too slippery to have fun. I guess that's almost it for the winter.

hmmm the TRE really doesn't add horsepower...thats only a myth :sad: ... It smoothes out the lower gears/throttle response. And elimintaes the 6th gear restriction by folling the computer into thinking its still in 5th... maybe a few other things but it doesn't add horsepower.... Thats pretty much a lie they tell on ebay.
I can definitly tell the bike has much better power now that I've had a chance to ride it in warmer weather.

Dezzy 7, It's not a myth that you would get more LOW END horsepower since that is where the increased ignition advance helps. More advance will increase the power to a point, then it drops right off and you start to get pinging. Generally, the further you can advance without pinging, the more power you get. As far as high end horsepower increases go, there is no increase overall. Ivan's even states that on their web site.

I'm easily getting roll-on rear wheel spin in first gear now and also had the wheel spin while doing a wheelie (small one) at about 60 in first gear. Neither of these things happened before the TRE. I would attribute that to more power.

In fact, the difference in performance and drivability (smoothness, etc) makes it worth the purchase price alone. Check it out.

I've got the original TRE, which I put on the first week I had the bike. I get serious wheel spin in first, followed by the front end climbing. (With just a roll-on from about 10-15mph). I just thought that all 'Busas did that. Hmmm. I'd have to take it off to really know what changed. I'll stick with it since I just got a Teka tune with it on.
I went almost 2yrs before getting the TRE. Before the TRE, the rear wheel would spin & the front wheel would come up. Same reactions after installing the TRE, I don't really notice a change other than top end.........As far as idle problems, I havent seen anything of that sort yet....

Did you have any difficulties installing the smart TRE? Mine should have been delivered by the time I get home on Thursday. I used to ride my Sportster through Western New York from Pittsburgh to Lockport every week. Thought the crosswind on I90 in October was gonna push me into oncoming traffic.
The only differences I noticed when I put on the "older" TRE was that the first couple of gears were a bit smoother (which helped in traffic) and that the restrictions were gone. Was easily able to get rear wheel spin both before and after installation, after all we are talking about busa's here. For the smoothness it was worth it. I don't spend a lot of time at top speeds but it is nice to know that I can get there real quick and in a hurry.
I installed Ivan's smart TRE today but couldn't test ride it because it was SNOWING.........yeeesh! But I did start it up in the garage and the idle seemed to be unaffected as promised. I'm anxious to see if power delivery is smoother than stock, or if my first jerky passes through the gears on the new bike last weekend were "user error".
My first ride with Ivan's smart TRE supports Johncal's impression: power comes right on, with no jolt or stumble as before. I am totally thrilled by the bike's performance now. Delivery is abrupt and strong, but it's a Hayabusa, and it takes some getting used to. With this TRE installed I don't know if I'm as hot to upgrade exhaust and intake as I was last week. I think I'll enjoy the bike as it is for awhile by learning how to ride it, though the Bridgestone tires have got to go sooner rather than later!
My old Ivan's TRE is now screwing with my idle. In netural, at a stoplight, the bike will idle near 2k unless I pull in the clutch (then it will drop to an acceptible 1200k). I'm about to yank it altogether.
Smart TRE has a micro chip in it, to compensate for 1st & 2nd Gear, something to do with way it runs @3K-4K or 3K-5K, make it run like 5th gear and smooth out roughness in that range...

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My old Ivan's TRE is now screwing with my idle. In netural, at a stoplight, the bike will idle near 2k unless I pull in the clutch (then it will drop to an acceptible 1200k). I'm about to yank it altogether.
I have noticed the idle at a stop sometimes will stagger up and down for a while before it settles its been in for a few months .
When I talked to Ivan about a smart TRE, he told me that I "read too much on the web". Ass.

I'd recommend the ATRE. You can choose which gear maps to use, and it's a quality product.