TRE question


I have been debating on the whole TRE thing for quite some time. I used an Ivan's about 2 years ago on my TL. I bought it because I couldn't stand the jerkiness in the first 3 gears. It smoothed it out but gave horrible idling (no smart tre's or Atre's at that time) so I took it off. Now i'm debating on putting an Ivan's smart tre on the Busa. I already have PC3 USB. My big question: Is it good for overall bike performance to trick the bike into running a 5th gear map? I know that each gear has a different ignition map but could these maps differ for the engine loads associated with each gear? Also, does the fuel map change only with RPM's or does the ECU use GPS information as well? I could care less about the restrictor.....I only want drivability results.
Think of the TRE & ATRE as a way to derestric top speed. Your PC with maps will take care of the rest with a proper tune. They are 2 completely differenct items get a good map for the PC. If you are not interested in top end I would not even bother with the ATRE.