New to the forum, not new to bikes

Hey everybody, new guy checkin in, been riding for about 15 years now, i've had tons of dirt bikes, a ZX-9a1 and a 05 R1 which i sold last july when the fuel prices went through the roof and bikes were selling for big bucks. I picked up another camaro which i've been doing 1/4mi drags with but now it is time to get another bike...

hoping to have a busa this weekend, i am in the process of selling both my camaros right now, might be trading one of them for a 2003 busa with 4k miles. The bike looks good and clean stock except for a full yosi exhaust. Anything busa specific i need to look out for when checkin her out on sat?


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Welcome to forum, alotta great Busa insanos here. I've been riding for 56 years, raced a
Velocette Thruxton at Willow Springs back in '67, before I became a reanimated corpse.


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Yes, what I would check out if I was you, is to take it to the dragstrip, do a nice burnout, stage, pull the RPM'S up to 4500, drop the hammer and run a 10 second quarter mile on a STOCK motorcycle. I think you'll like it.:laugh::bowdown::welcome:

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