New PB(slower than most)


My best ever time on the bus was the first day I took it to the track 5 years ago.
I ran a 10.84@135mph.

Since I only get out to the track once a year, I haven't been able to beat that time, until now.
I went to the track for the second time in a month, and knew that I had to get on it harder in first gear.

No burnout, launch from around 5K slipping the clutch, I ran about 15 times in the 10.70 range at 137mph out of about 40-45 runs.(the printer broke halfway through the day, so I only got half my timeslips)

My buddy hopped on for a run, and he launched off idle, bogged, then wheelied and still ran a 10.44@143.

I am hoping to get out there again in September, so I can get into the 10.50s.

This is a stock wheelbase bike, no straps, no burnout and a 275lb fatty onboard.
Tire pressure was 43(R), 27(F).(I forgot to check it before I left that morning)
Not bad considering your experience! Please check and fix your air pressure. Should be closer to 32-36 in both front and rear. If you get wheel spin drop a couple psi but do NOT lower pressure until you are spinning... ;)

What are your shift points/RPM and 60'?
Unfortunately I run at the most ghetto track in the world.
No 60' times were available the last two times I have gone there.
Shift points are at 10,500(seems to be slightly quicker than shifting at redline).

I upped the front air pressure later in the day, but saw no difference in times.