Bone Stock


1st time to the track this eve with the new bike. 09 model.
Lowered the tire pressure a little. And ran a best of 10.40 @ 139. Not sure what I left at though.

Wheelied a few times when I tried to leave @ 5G or more.

What have you guys run stock?

What do you recomend launching at stock?

I'm going to lower the bike next week, didn't like trying to do a burnout on the tips of my toes. :-)

Yep, Lowering next week. Was thinking the stretch for sure and also the Clutch mod also.

Shenko as soon as the stocker is wore out.

I find that even with my bike at 63", I do better launching at 4k and twisting into it, riding the clutch, then at 6500 and popping it...
I watched Keith Dennis take a 2008 Busa when it first came out run a 9.3 on it with nothing but a Brock's exhaust, a PCIII, stock length and height footshifting.