New Owner Question on Exhaust Upgrades


I am a new owner and apologize in advance for a question that may have been answered several times already.

I am looking for a exhaust slip-on that in the future I can upgrade to a full system. I have read where several say to skip the slip-on and go straight to a full system but I want to minimize the modifications made to the brand new bike for a while.

Does someone make a set of duel slip-ons that can then be used on a future purchase of a header pipe and PCIIIr?

I am looking for medium loudness, much more than stock and much less than D&D. Considerations currently include Hindle, Tri-Force, Akrapovic, TwoBrothers and Yosh

Thanks in Advance
I don't know about the other systems but Yosh slipons can not be used with there headers. If you want a full system then you will have to buy it or you will have two sets of mufflers in your garage collecting dust.
Welcome to the baord,
Hey think about Microns. They have a deep mellow growl, and you can add the header later or so i was told. I want to say i read it somewhere, but can't remember where it was. Look good and sound better
I have since decided on a full system. Can anyone comment on my remaining three options.

BDE Hindle 4-2-1 $790
Two Brothers Dual C5 4-2-1-2 $850
HMF Dual Low Mount 4-2-1-2 $1100

I prefer medium volume with low rumble. Not D&D sound or race sounding like a yosh. I also prefere a dual solution but am still interested in the BDE Hindle due to the total solution with map, price and comments made in this forum.

Any help with pros and cons would be appriciated.
BDE More bang for the buck. Great suport, great fit. Not to loud and a
lot lighter.  Just my two cents.The only con that
I know of is the lower pipe can get smashed if you slam it to much.
Hope this helped.
I just installed a full Muzzy's system and there new can design makes a nice deep rumble but not overly loud. Pipe is excellent quality and is $630 to your door from pipe city, Excellent price in my book. Can't wait to get to the track and see how it runs. My ass dyno says it picke up a lot.
well you have to think about your riding style and how you use the bike

you have to think about other Mods to your bike as well

such as K&N air filter / equivalent (mandatory)

I have a Micron full race with single carbon oval canister- but I race mine on the racetrack. It used to Idle quietly and had a muscular tone but due to my constant "decarboning" of the motor the canister inside is now a very rich black color and the sound has becaome very loud, deep, muscular, "steroids like" sound at idle, muscular torque like sound at accelleration, a loud howl, then at high speeds when the ram air really kicks in at 130+ MPH a loud ripping shriek.

if you de restrict the outflow (exhaust) you have to de restrict the inflow (airbox/intakes) to maximize flow through the motor.

talk with any good dealer that knows aftermarket, and knows what works with the busa.
If you go with the Hindle let me know what you think . My dealer said that they make one just for the busa .
I'm going with a Yosh TRS system just for kicks (after the break in).
Should I think about changing the air filter or leaving the stock one in? If I do it will be a BMC filter.

Has anyone put a Two Brothers 4-2 full system on yet and if so, how much improvement has been realized.

I have a good idea how many ponies will be gained with a 4-1 system but haven't heard too much from anyone with 4-2 full systems.