New exhausts


I was thinking about putting on Yoshimura slip-ons on my 2001 Huyabusa. It has just 900 miles on it....

Another option is to change the exhaust system, this costs around 1,350 dollars and is supposed to improve horsepower.

Any suggestions on which brand to go with, just slip-ons or the entire system (money is not a big factor!!), places to find good prices on after market exhausts for the Busa????
Only top of the line Titanium exhaust systems cost that much. A mid level exhaust cost between $600 and $900. Add about $100 if someone installs it for you. Get a Full system
You can get into a Ti-Force system for probably 1,100 and i have had them make up to 15 more HP, and the whole system only weighs approx. 7 Lbs.
I put a set of Yoshimura RS 3 Ti slip ons on my 2000.  Due to the fact that the cam chain was on wrong I was unable to get a before and after mod Dyno run.  The bike now has 158 HP at the rear tire and sounds great.  I paid $690 for the set in Georgia.  Here is the Dyno run I do have showing the before and after with the chain off one tooth and with it right.  Both runs are with the slip ons installed.
About a year ago, I was having the same dilemma. I opted to go for Yosh RS3 Carbon Fiber Race slip ons for about $800. Installed 'em and ran em for a couple months before the novelty wore off. Sure they looked and sounded great, but did basically nothing for performance.

I ended up selling them in "new" condition to a guy in California for almost half what I paid, and then ordered up a Akrapovic 4-2-1 carbon fiber system and a PCII. All I can say is ####! what a difference.

I paid just under a grand for the Akra through Spencer Cycle, and then installed it myself...if I'd only known before, I'd have never gone with slip ons! :hammerhead:
I had TwoBrothers carbon slip ons with slight mods.

1. Ram Air seal
2. Tuned to cans

I just did a before dyno and I am getting 160hp. I am putting on HMF 4:2:1:2 carbons, with PCII, 18/41 gearing and am putting back on the Dyno. I hope to see 168-174
I would save your money and go for the full system.  On my R1, I installed a M4 slip-on, mainly for the sound.  About six months later I wanted some more power and went to a full system.  You loose the EXUP value with a full system, so I lost a little power at the bottom end, but picked up power in the mid and high end.  Just ment I had to roll the throttle to 4k instead of 3k for the front end to come up.  I could not reuse the slip-on and had to buy a new can with the full system.  Anyone interested in a M4 slip-on for a R1?  Sell cheap.

I am saving up for the HMF high mount system for the Busa.

the question is are you looking for your exhaust to "sound good" and "look cool" .... or is your quest, to look for a real performance increase? Theres nothing wrong with getting a nice set of slip ons , but don't expect to get a big time power increase. if your installing a new exhaust to get horse power, go full exhaust, but , to utilize the full potential of a complete system you should also increase air to the motor and the amount of fuel which would mean spending money on a high flow air filter, and a FI re-maping system such as the PC2. Although it is not required.


Hanging a micron full system on my 2002....if that doesn't thrill me, then it is an Akropovic next. Definately a full system if you want to make power. Save the $$$$ if you just want a bit more rumble....I drilled the wall in my stock cans..8 holes (from the headpipe end) @ 3/8 inch a bit more growl (and not as much WHEEZE)
On my '00 Busa, I went with the Yoshimura 4-1 Tri-Oval, a K&N filter, modified airbox, and had my stock computer re-mapped and I have 174rwhp. No complaints with this setup.
Hey go with Brock Davidson exhaust it gives you horsepower and sounds very good I bought slip ons and they were a waste of my money.
I would opt to agree with what Curtis T is saying - if you want looks or sound, go with cans. If you want performance, go with the whole system. Personally, I wanted only cans just to lose some weight; however, I wanted a 4 into 1, so my kids could get off on one side without having to worry about a 'hot' pipe (which is the good thing about my Seca Turbo, as it has one dummy pipe that's only there for looks!).
So, I'm still in that quandry. If some good, cheap carbon fiber slip-ons 'appear' before I shell out for the whole system, so be it!
Well I put my HMF 4:2:1:2 low pipes on with air box mod and power commander, then I went to Florida to try them out. What a rush 171hp 103fT. Pipes are great just make sure you heat wrap in a couple of spots.
try out MICRON, friend had a slip-on on his cbr 600 f
yammy yammy ,that fruity sound(bass grunt).Buy the way the price isn't mad
You will be better off in the long runto go for the full system.
Saving a few bucks now and looking kewl will cost you more down the road. :hammerhead:
I have just installed RS3 Race slip-ons on my 01. I love the sound that they make and I was not looking for more horsepower. As I am the only busa in my group. Not to mention I really can't handle what it does now. If you have the money I would go with the full system. If your just looking for a better sound and are not racing or trying to get the best performance the busa can get go with the slip-ons. Only you and what your doing with the bike can make the final decision.

i was talking to a few dealers about slip on's and i was told to get into a 4 into 1 system you lose alot of weight and gain a few more pony's but i was also told NOT to put in a K&N filter in because it flows to freely to pressurize the air box enough for the fuel injection to work properly.......