Loudest Exhaust


Who makes the loudest dual exhaust that is either a slip-on or a dual full system. I like the dual look and want it loud as a safety feature.
You know thats a good question. I PERSONNALLY think its D&D. Those things are loud as Fudge!! But I'm sure you can find another exhaust post in these forums that has covered this topic. I think I've seen atleast 10 different exhaust posts.
It depends on what you are looking for. Cache and I have Muzzy exhaust systems and I like them far better than anything else out there and for the price you can not beat it. Also I could tell a difference in power from the stock full system and the Muzzy full system immediately, even before getting it remapped. Know back to your orginal question, Muzzy is not the loudest system out there but if you like low end grumble with a Barry White sound at higher rpms, go Muzzy. I have gotten a lot of complements on my system because not a lot people have a Muzzy on there Busas. Muzzy=Kawasaki Yoshimura=Suzuki (or Hindle) in most peoples mind.
C.J. i have the Full D&D 4into 2 system and it seems to be pretty loud but i have been told that the 4into 1 system is lounder has nice raspy sound and can hear it when you open her up ..........

I have a 4-2-1 Yosh RS3 race system....sounds really nice (good deep rumble) but I've heard louder exhaust systems. As it was mentioned, most folks think Yosh=Suzuki but for me it was a matter of simple economics. I basically stole this system from a guy on Ebay
just got my yoshimura rs-3 race bolt ons, love the sound deep rumble. ijust got to break them in, hopefully it will get a lower rumble. got the stainless steel look very sharp. i also installed a double bubble windshield, looks good and works awsome. this bike rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
From my experience, D&D are the loudest. If not the loudest close to it. But I don't like their sound, kinda harsh.
Not sure Johnny, but it is DAAAAHM loud. My bro has the D&D's and this thing dwarfs his sound. This dump is very short and right off the t-bo. Of course, it could be because something (else) is screwy, but I doubt it. I am shocked that yours is quieter... See my post in the Turbo section for more info.
personnally, I think that D&D's are poop pipes, Ive seen more than a few rust...on stainless pipes and the quality is not up to snuff.
I run a dual-port bolt-on Bluflame exhaust it's not the loudest, but the sound is better than anything I've heard.
Doc, Is there a place that sells dumps like that or is that just a home job? That would be so sweet. Ever got pulled over for having it too loud? I just see the look on some Harley-Davidson fanatics face:D