New member of the family!!!


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Just got back about an hour ago form bringing home the wifes first bike. Its a 2002 gsxr-600. It has 16k on the clock but its probably more like 12k because its geared and does not have a speedo healer. It has a stunt cage but it was not stunted. It has a yosh bolt on can, rear sprocket, and a polished frame. It could use some tires and a tune up but it rides perfect and we only paid $2800. The bad is it has a rebuilt title. I will post pics up shortly after we get ti all cleaned up.:thumbsup:
congrats! one built for falling down is the way to go for a first bike, in my confidence while saving repair$$:thumbsup:
here are the pics. The ones with th cage on it are when we got it home and the ones w/out the cage are after we washed, waxed, and it the frame, swingarm and can with some mothers polish which we did by hand.










Nice Man. The best part is now you'll always have a ridin buddy. I'll be glad when we can get my wife another bike. Now, get her out and put some miles on that thing.:thumbsup:
I need to get some new tires, and some new plugs for it where can i get the best deals on these at. I just changed the oil and i lubed the chain yesterday
that looks like an upside down r1 tailight , id be willing to bet it was stunted then they put the stock plastic back on, congrades though long as she runs right she looks brattan now has 3/7ths of a busa