New look theme


Notice the Theme for the new background. I say it dates all the way back to the Trashmen era, Very surf-like. I love it! Wonder? What about the White area? You see; the blue reminds me of windsurfing. Kinda like a surfboard you ride. Get yourself a short board; go to the Gorge and Nuke.... A Nuke = 185mph brother. Don't think water would be a replacement for the white? Whatdoya - think. Ya.
Can anyone here explain to me what Hank just said? Some one decode it quick!!



Just talking aloud about the new look. Look at GSX 1300 R.
The Blue outline looks like the tail section of a surf board or Sailboard, just needs a fin. COOOOOL......
OK man that makes sense, I can see how you could see a surfboard there... You spent alot of time laying on your back looking at the big puffy clounds didn't ya? hahahahahha glad that you like it.
Blue looks much better on my home screen. the 21 inch at work is color adjusted to match CYMK print from RGB screen.
Ya Ya I got one of thoses big screen TV's too. I still think the white area could be filled in with a cool picture.