Anyone have a 2011 white busa with black wheels?


Ok so heres the deal, I been thinking about powder coating my wheels black (White 2011) and I was curious any other fellow busa owners have a white busa with black wheels. 2009 or 2011 doesnt really matter I suppose. Just tryin to do the whole white and black theme. Im actually have rear sets and wheels done the same color. Would just like to see some pictures as reference if anyone had any or knew where I could find some. Thank you all in advance.. Oh and I was even thinking about doing something different if anyone has any opinions. Like for example. Paint the wheel black, but the spokes white or vice versa. Just something unique. :cheerleader:

If I could afford it I would buy the wheels pictured below and have the red replaced with pearl white :D


Pinging BigE, he's got what you're looking for..

So does Blanca....
The wheel is actually from VIP Alliance :). They make custom wheels for bikes. I got it off their website it's a 300 I believe :)
Thank you guys :cheerleader:.Blanca Looks like the bolts were powder coated as well. . also this may be a weird question (Bigron and Blanca) but what color black is that yall have?. Gloss black, Semi-Gloss black, i've seen some places that have differnt finishes in the black. Blanca Killer photos someone took as well. I do a little photography myself and love the one of you comming around that turn :beerchug:
I think the black on my rear sets is a satin or semi gloss?
That pic of me riding was taken by a photographer on the Dragon last year.
Others I took.
Hope this helps too..

First as you asked. They I got gold rims. Then I changed the decals to gold to match the rims.