Changes on the oRg, new styles & colors


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Let me first say thank you to several oRg members that worked to test some new features on and themes on the site. Thank you all for testing and giving honest feedback.

We aren't taking away any features or functionality but we are adding some new defaults and color schemes to the site. Everyone needs to make sure they know how to choose themes or styles which change the look and feel of the site. We do have added some Gen 3 colors and there has been some request for a dark / light theme so we added a style that allows you to choose with the click of a button.

We have also had some feedback from members that they like the ability to adjust the screen width so we put at your fingertips the ability to choose full screen or narrow views...

Here is what you need to do to choose the theme you want...

Go to the bottom of the screen and click on the text next to the edit icon.. Depending on what theme you are currently using it will most likely be Default Busa or Shades of Grey. When you click on the text a new window will open up and you can see all the themes available to you. Uniform is the style we just added and its by far my new favorite and will become the default theme if you don't choose something else....


Once you choose the theme your colors will change, if you have chosen the Uniform theme there will be some new buttons on the top right of your screen, go click on those buttons and play around with the look and feel and see if this is something you like. If not just go back and choose the Default Busa to go to the white screen or Shades of Grey to go to another dark theme.

Go try it and let us know what you think, again thank you to those that did testing for us.

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I'd go with something like this on the upper RH corner maybe. Maybe red white and blue to match the org logo. You could easily fit the whole bikes.