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Ok, ok, so I don't actually OWN a Busa...

Actually, I own an SV650S, and I've only been riding for a little over 3 weeks, with just under 1000 miles...

Anyways, I am infatuated by the Busa, and I searched for message boards about it, and came across this one...

I'd really hoped to trade in my SVS next summer towards a Busa, but a lot of people have advised against it, saying that I don't and won't have enough experience...If that's the case, then I can wait...But how long would you say is long enough to be ready? How many miles, even?

Thanks :newbie:
Welcome to the board.  That is a very tough question.  There are a lot of things to consider.  I rode a CBR 600 (my first street bike) for two years and traded it in for the Busa with over 30000 miles on.  I thought I knew how to ride but as you will see it was only in a straight line.
  The biggest is your maturity level.  I got cocky thinking that the Busa will be able to catch up to my friends that are better riders than me.  Well it did and blew right past them as they followed the curve in the road that I straightened out. :0  I missed the guard rail but not the tree.  Just know your limits and stick to them.  You really have to respect the power that this bike has.  There are quit a few guys here that made the Busa their first bike and have lived to tell about it.  Ride for a while get to know yourself and the road and we will be able to tell when you are ready to switch bikes.  Until then injoy what you have now.
Welcome to the board feature :beerchug:

My opinion on this is constantly changed a bit by other opinions.

Best advise I can give is that, only you know if you're ready to have 160+ hp between yer legs.........they are wickedly fast, but if yer careful, excercise self control, respect the power, and have taken the msf course, and you have a years worth of'll probably be OK.

Just take it nice and foolish least till ya get used to the power. :thumbsup:
Welcome Feature! My wife has a sv650s so I get to ride it alot. There is a big difference, which goes without saying, between the two bikes. I love to ride the sv cause I can sling it into curves and it eats them up effortlessly. Like everyone else, I would caution you to be aware that the busa is quite a kitten until you give it a whack on the throttle. It is like pushing the warp speed button! Things will come at you faster than you can imagine. I have a buddy that rode a katana 600 back in the mid 90's for about 8 months and then sold it. He bought a busa last year and can handle it well. It just goes to show that going from a smaller bike to a bigger bike without much riding experience can be done but you have to take it easy on it and stay within your comfort zone. See you on the boards! :beerchug:
Welcome to the board.......
Lots of good advice above, remember its mostly of matter of personal preference.....
Thanks a lot! I guess I'll have to see where my comfort level is next summer, I might stick it out with my SVS for a little longer, but if I think I'm ready, I wanna go for it!

How much would you say a used one would go for, say, 2001 or so?
Age VS ability to insure the thing is your other consideration.  It can be pretty burly getting insurance if you are under 25.  Not impossible, but a little pricey.  If you are exploring the limits of the SV and have been riding hard, learning a lot,  I would say the Busa will be an eye opener, but it is not a monster shouldn't be to much.  You just have to know whether or not you have te self control to stay healthy on one...

What was that line from top Gun?  "Your Ego is writing checks your Body can't cash."  Be careful with this,  it happens pretty easy...
Biggest thing IMO is the power to responsiblity ratio. If you honestly believe that you are able to handle it, and you already know that you need to stay within your personal limits. Then you should be able to consider it. One thing that I have noticed lately though, if you need to ask if you are ready, you usually aren't. If you feel that you just have to have the busa, its all up to you, just please make sure that you wear the proper gear at ALL times and need to respect the power. Good luck on what ever you choose