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Ok, I have owned four different sport bikes in the past, all Hondas. I am buying a new bike in the next week or two. It's going to be either a Busa or a 2003 GSXR 1000. I am having trouble deciding which to get. Being that this is a Busa forum I can imagine what most will advise, however I need a good compare and contrast. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance, this board has a ton of great info.
Welcome to the board. Yes we are a bit bias here but you're expecting that. The first question is what kind of riding do you spend most of your time doing. The Busa is a good all around kind of bike. If you are in to spending the better part of your time in tight twisties and go fast then the 1000 might be more what you're looking for. If you're like my and spend most of your time on the highway and just like playing on the weekends then buy the Busa. There are plenty of people here that will tell you get the Busa and you will not regret it. I am one of those people. I love this bike. If you have any doubts about the capabilities of the Busa then find yourself a copy of Mach 2. They push it to the limits and then some.
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Sorry im not much help, i havent rode(or even seen in person) the new 1k. I always say go for looks and riding style tho. I am almost 100% sure a 1k will out corner a busa. Also from what i have read about the two, the 1k is able to keep up with a busa pretty well until it gets over ~120.
The GSXR is good for speed and cornering, but the 'Busa is best for all around. I ride mine to work all the time and take it up to the twisties on the weekends. It's better for the long rides also.
B - Best
U - Usable
S - Street
A - Accessory

The Busa is gonna give you the best usable street accesories. what I mean by that is long term riding comfort based on comfortable ergos; stable at speed -yours or the 18 wheelers. handles 2 up just as well as if you were solo-heck most of the time I forget my lady is riding on the back- until she starts poling me in the side which is her signal for slow it down loloolol. Good commuter, long distance hauler, will handle the twisties...

But if you gonna only do twisties and sit at the local pub and talk about how great a bike you have then get a Gixxer 1000. Its better in the str8 twisty closed circuit catagory. But if you plan to ride it for more than an hour or so at a shot go for the busa... Ok I'm biased but hey its a busa forum loll
If you like curves and wheelies get the 1000. If you like wheelies and 200mph straights (and curves if you can ride)....get the Busa. I don't think I would trade mine. I have seriously considered getting a 1000 and have had second thoughts. I really like the Busa. Even though it's heavy and seems a bit bulky at's extremely fast and very comfortable. Really solid too.
Hi again, thanks for all of the replies. I have decided on a silver/grey 03 Busa. Now where do I go to get those LED brake lights and the thing that tells it to go 200mph instead of 180something?
You have chosen wisely grasshopper!

Stick around and you'll get all the info you need on all the mods you want to make.
Hi again, thanks for all of the replies.  I have decided on a silver/grey 03 Busa.  Now where do I go to get those LED brake lights and the thing that tells it to go 200mph instead of 180something?, tell Silvio you are a member here. You will need a license plate light. His is $43. You may want to make your own. The TRE (timing retard eliminator) you can make it yourself, search the threads.

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I would wait a while on the TRE (the thing that makes it go 200 instead of 180 something). Just let someone else do it first on an 03 and see if it works with the 03's. Some people say that some of the TRE's don't work on the 02's.