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Hello All,

8th bike, 06 Kawasaki 250 NinjaR, 2002 Kawasaki 500 NinjaR, 2002 Yamaha R6, 2003 Yamaha R1, 1991 Honda XM450, 2001 CBR 929RR, 2001 Kawasaki Ninja ZX7RR,

2003 Suzuki Hayabusa 1300R. 4-1 Yoshi, PC3, K&N Air Filter, OEM Oil FIlter, 15w50 Mobile 1 Full Synthetic, (Need to Replace Chain and F/B Sprocket, Fairings, Needs Dyno and Mapping, Needs Fluid Flush, Did oil 4/13) Any Advice is greatly appreciated.

Major Crash 2013, Hit @ 120mph, 28 days ICU. (2001 CBR 929RR)
Arizona born and Raised. Love to learn about bikes. Humble and here to get to know my bike. I would like to own a newer bike but for now , This is top shelf for me.
Hi there mate , welcome aboard the org ! Been greeted by our esteemed Captain already , and owner of a classic Gen 1 , excellent launch into the Busa world my friend !!
The 2003 Gen 1 is a great score , plenty of grunt there my friend , maybe post up a pic or 2 of your beast eh !
Cheers :thumbsup:
Welcome. Try Amsoil, great stuff. Don’t know why you’d want a 50w oil in a short stroke hi revving in-line four, even in Arizona.
Hello & Welcome .........

So you say you wish some advice about the Hayabusa ?

Become the absolute best rider you can be , so when you have a doubt " You can power it out "
:welcome: from me too and glad you survived!!! We are a resilient group of nutters for sure!! (as our across the pond mates would say) ;<)
Ecu flash with Ecu Editor.
More timing at lower rpm's makes a noticeable improvement for street riding.
You can buy Ecu Editor, or PM Powerhouse or BoostedCyclePerformance here.
You can mail them your ecu, they flash it, and mail it back.
Cheapest gain you can get.

Also, if you have not yet set the suspension sag, do that.
Most important thing to do to any sportbike, along with good tires and better brakes.
Welcome to the org.