New here with stock busa pics!!! yea baby yea!

It was suggested in another thread that I post some pics of my new ride here.. So here you go! All stock (for now) 06.. Had it for 2 weeks now and just rolled over 800 miles. Love the bike so far. I come from a long..ish line of sport bikes and have always loved the way the Hayabusa looks. I actually went into the dealership to pick up a GSXR1000 but they made me a deal I couldn't walk away from on this black busa... SO I pulled the trigger on it and I haven't regretted the decision for a second!

 Anyhoo, I've been lurking on this board for a couple of weeks, There seems to be a wealth of info and collective knowledge here! Thanks for giving us a forum to learn more about he busa and to swap info!

BTW, GSXcite already flamed me a bit in person for the reflectors so please find something new to "suggest" I change

DAMn.. looks like my photos are too big to upload... I'll follow up in a day or so with new ones..


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What a darn minute!!

You cant do that! If you have been lurking around here for a while, you know we need pictures. You can't just say you'll put them on in a day or so. That ain't right! HUMPF!!!

Oh yeah, welcome to the forums...

I really want to see some pics...:(


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I tell ya!!  (I'm glad I saved these links to my notepad.  BTW...notepad is nice and handy...thanks Cap!)



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Ok. the guy logged in yesterday. So no excuse that he has not loaded pics. So should we burn him at the stake or what?
Whoa there ladies, let's tap the brakes a little!

Sorry to cause such an uprising of emotion over the lack of pics! I guess I've learned a lesson..
SOOOOOOO in order to get back in your good graces please check out the link below.

Reflectors are coming off this weekend and I'm also starting the search for an undertail. Instead of asking your opinions on diffrent undertails, I'll just use the search button, I'm sure that topic has been discussed to death



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