New guy asking 2 questions


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Love the board, you guys all sound pretty cool. I have a couple of questions. My old ZZR-1100 was stolen xmas just past and I'm shopping for a new bike. What's the upkeep on a 'busa. I went through some chains and oil and the normal stuff you go through touring. I'm a long distance nutter, I'll ride allday to get nowhere if you know what I mean. I love the shape of the 'busa, but I'm not keen on the price 20,000 in Australia. So, Are second hand Busa's any good. What do I need to look for with a 2nd handy?

And question 2

Does anyone know where I can find some wallpaper/pics of tasty women on 'busa's?

Hey one10two40, welcome to the board. Sorry to hear that your 1100 got stolen. Upkeep on the Busa is nothing out of the normal once you get about 800 miles on the chain. Atleast the was the number for me. At first everytime I rode mine I had to lube and tighten the chain. Other then that no problems at all. On long rides the Busa is great. The longest day I have had was six hours only stopping for gas. My shoulders were a little sore but I got up the next day and did it again. If you go used just make sure it hasn't be dropped. If you go with a 1999 or 2000 make sure the recalls have been done. The 99 had a fuel pump recall and they both had the cam chain tensioners recalled.
Hey thanks chaps. Good to see. I'll probably go a second hand busa for the first one. I brought a second hand 1100 then brought a new one in '01 12 months to the day she got nicked. How do they turn? I rode one on a test ride a little while ago but it was 1 turn a freeway section another turn freeway then back to the shop.
You can flick 'em back and forth pretty easily but it requires a little more effort than the smaller sportbikes.

Oh and Welcome to the board!!

Yes post your photo stuff under the correct state.

Now a Busa is not much above the norm. for maint., however like anything, the more you do to it the more you have to keep it tuned. You will not even have to do the valves until about 15,000 miles most likely. Keep you oil changes @3M or below and enjoy. Now a lot of us ride because we enjoy it. i have but on about 30,000 miles in a year and 1/2 with (knock on wood) no real problems that would relate to the bike. Blowing up one enjine was my fault from not understanding a Turbo system. Believe me i understand it now.
i may add that you will go through tires faster on the Busa even with go riding. Tires are getting cheapper anyway.