new gearing

I am wondering, On my 06 busa...I recently replaced the stock sprockets to the popular 16/42 set up. I know that the speedo is off...being that the speed is read off of the front sprocket. Does anyone out there in Busa world know how much it off by? I could but do not want to fly past the coppers at 120 to find out.


16/42 will put your speedo about 12% off (high) , in other words the speedo will read 12% higher than you actual speed , combine that with 5-7% the speedo is off (from the factory)with stock gears and your speedo will read 20% fast , get a speedohealer to correct the for the factory error and the new sprockets .



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I don't mean to hijack your thread Irish06, but guys ... is it true putting an 18T up front will correct the speedo?
So it seems alot stronger....I think I made the right choice...with these norther pa roads that are's hard to find a road to go 180+ so I wanted to make it faster in the 1/4 ...cuz that matters more to me......Thanks much to all you busa lovers out've got my respect in full....thanxx

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