New front brake lines!


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I am having some carbon braided HEL front brake lines made up for my BUSA (+1 1/4" extended due to my Genmar riser). My question is wether it is better to go with the  two full length lines (one each from the MC to each caliper) or replace with the original design of the fender cross over? What is the difference in performance between the two methods of routing? I have searched the threads already and could not find anything covering this.
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Also considering just for consistency and matching having the rear brake and clutch line done in the same look. From what I have read it does not make much difference but I do like that the clutch line is a braided hose from MC all the way back to the clutch housing. That way you can do away with the dumb hose to steel pipe and back to hose, what's up with that?

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I agree about the clutch line...

As far as the front brakes, I too checked into that before buying. Everywhere I read said, "individual line for each caliper from MC". So, I did away with the stock setup and did it that way. A couple of people I have talked to say that it gives more equalized application to both calipers... I dunno.

Good-luck, and if you get a definitive answer, please post it!

Thanks for the feedback guys! Also do any of you have an opinion on doing the bleeder style banjo bolt up at the master cylinder?