Never thought I'd own one of these!


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Honda CRF 250X, I just traded straight across to a local copper (I work with in the jail) for a high end mountain bike (Cannondale Team Scalpel). NEVER, in my 65th year, did I foresee taking on a Motocross bike! I'm really looking forward to riding this thing hard, took a test ride yesterday and was blown away at how fast it is! I think, very shortly, I'll be installing 17" wheels on it and go Super Motoing.....I understand there are both dirt (old school TT Scrambles tracks) and asphault (go cart tracks) all around me where folks go ride these things. Also, I'm told, you can lean em in a powerslide and just about touch down the handlebars!
This has got to be the ultimate cross training for the Busa, should be really fun. Just when "the light at the end of the tunnel" appeared re: my turbo Busa Superbyke build.....another freekin obsession! Doyle

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I rode a CRF 450 for many years... That bike you have there is so forgiving and so much fun... Blip the throttle and you are off... You should have about 12 inches of travel on the front forks..


Way to go!! I've been wanting to try the supermoto route but I can't stop spending money on my busa :whistle: if you think that 250x is fast you should check out the 450x. That thing is a monster and it already comes street legal (headlight, signals, speedo, and push start)


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There are a bunch of tail light kits / front end dot spec light kits for the dual sport won't have the big hp but for a bike you can throw around they are fun to ride


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I thought about the Baja Designs dual sport conversion kit ($470 and $70 for stator rewind) BUT I'm very happy with my KLR 650 for that purpose. Super Moto at these tracks I referred to is only $40 bucks a day for that kind of fun! And with the forthcoming turbo Superbyke that has a motor capable of 340 hp by just changing a spring, the 250 is perfect for me (don't need a trench digging 450 for my plans AND remember, this was a quick and simple trade). Also, I'm going to keep the 21"/19" tire wheels combo, install a bigger gastank, and the bike will be ready for some really serious single track a 220 pound 250! Oh yeah, couple more cool things, I just bought a motorcycle transport shelf from Harbor Freight for the back of my Expedition for $90 bucks and it works great, also, the guy gave me his gearbag full of clothes, chest protector, boots, helmet and a bunch of other stuff, all in new condition! I had to do this! Doyle


raydog, you seriously have to stop doing-up your helmet so tight. I think the blood stops getting to your head and you keep doing more and more crazy things!

(walks away full of envy...)

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