I want one of these


Check this cool looking ride out. I'm not getting rid of my BUSA. I just want one of these too.:thumbsup:
Time to go beg:please: the wife.

when i get so old that i start forgetting to put my feet down at the stop lights, i fully entend to by a tric, gold wing thought.:rofl:
I like the springer front, but the color and extra rear wheel gotta go...not bad none the less. you could always wrap it in full fairings, swap out the springer for ohlins, canadian mikes swingarm and a 330 kit, yank the twin and replace with a 1341 worked over by a.p.e. (complete with l.e.d. clear clutch cover from the pusher and a turbo) repaint it blue & silver,then it would be badazz:thumbsup: I guess I gotta reduce the amount of crown that I put in my coffee before work, or increase my meds...starting to think everything needs to be busafied:whistle: it is a nice looking bike