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Hey guys,

I've searched and searched for this to no success. I was hoping that you guys could help me out diagnosing this symptom with me. Well I had a minor lowside that ended up hitting the guard rail with my front tire. The wheel was bent and the front fender cracked. After getting all the parts (thanks a lot to you guys ) I installed it all immediately couple days ago. The problem is, when my front wheel is going straight, my steering points a LITTLE to the right. My left arm extends out a little bit more than my right. Some people just told me to just loosen all the bolts and twist the fork tubes back. I tried this last night and when all the bolts were loosened, the steering actually came back straight. But as soon as I tightened the lower triple tree bolts, the tubes twisted crooked again. What do you think this is guys? some say that my forks are bent. And some say that my lower triple tree is bent.


When something like this happens you sometimes twist and load the forks and when the pinch bolts are released everything should ping back straight. If as you say when you retighten they twist again then it sounds like you have a slightly bent tube. With the front wheel out you could rotate the tube and see visually if its bent or remove them completely and with only the lower tube roll them on a flat surface. Its more than likely the tube rather than the yoke.

My 2 cents worth

Best regards Alan

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