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Henrik, from Denmark and a fellow biker, purchased a coat from me and turned out to be one great guy. He wants to know what life is like in the USA. Here is his exact question>
Not finished exploring the world yet, so let me know how USA is, that’s one of the places I havn’t been yet, mainly cuz it will take half a year to explore and get around but think I might maybe next year – plan get to NY and rent or buy a MC there, then just cross country from there.

Please give me your opinions on LIFE IN THE USA (directed towards Henrik) and after a couple of days I will refer him to this thread. Hopefully it will answer his question. Thanking you all in advance :beerchug:


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to tour the USA could easily take more than 6 months. I would say to go in the early fall so you can hit the Northern states then the Southern states.


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If he wants to attend the worlds largest music festival (Summerfest) he can hit Milwaukee, WI end of June/beginning of July. Lurch and I would be happy to put him up. Plus it's a hop/skip/jump to Chicago.


gotta see the Grand Canyon, even though to my wife, it was just a big hole in the ground, but to me it was amazing:thumbsup:Colorado has some beautiful roads too:beerchug: depends what he's in to.???


It's big, has a wide range of weather, terrain, population density, & people that will help you along the way when you are a friendly biker. :-)


Start in spring at the "top" (northern states) and work your way down so that you'll be in the warmer Southern states as winter rolls into the north. Things to see/visit in this country. Wow...that'll be a list. Here's a start:

1) Races/Race Tracks
a) Laguna Seca
b) VIR (Virginia Int'l Raceway)
c) Many more
2) Grand Canyon
3) Niagara Falls
4) Times Square, NYC
5) The Mall/Smithsonian in DC
6) DC in general
7) California in general
a) Monterey
b) LA
d) Venice Beach
e) Huntington Beach
f) San Diego
g) Oakland/San Francisco

Lot's more. Better take a year, maybe two. :)

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