Need HELP stuck 4000 miles from home 5/23/2010

I'd say start simple and change out the gas if you hadn't already. I had the same problem a few weeks ago and after everything, it turned out to be the gas.
It just doesn't like that fruity gas you are putting into it. You know what they same about them Kalifornians....:laugh:
It just doesn't like that fruity gas you are putting into it. You know what they same about them Kalifornians....:laugh:

hay now :poke: their not all Democrats. :rofl:

fix it yet? hope so. let us know & have fun on your matter whats thrown at ya, it makes for a better story in the end!
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Anyway the fuel line might have been kinked? I say this because I just ran into the same problem on my ride and it had me fumbling for a few days.
That sux. Let us know if you get it working right again.

Thanks for all your suggestions. The bike is still running the same so we are taking it back to the shop in the morning. To answer some of the questions - the throttle position sensor was checked at the shop on Saturday, the FI light is not lit up, have had different tanks of gas in it with no change in running (was completely drained when we cleaned the fuel pump screen), did not fill with diesel, seems to rev up in neutral but accelerating briskly or under load stumbles and jerks, all hoses are hooked up and there are no cracks.
lol not being funny but be sure the sensor wire plug for the block didn't get swapped with the one for airbox if just by chance you removed it for some reason...check coils also.

i wish you were close could get it figured out..
Man sorry to hear, if I was home Id take the drive and get you running, I know there some local or other guys in here near, hope u get it worked out.. :welcome: to the .org..

Just a thought, does this happen in all gears? My 2nd gear being worn makes my bike stumble/jerk when rolling on the throttle... Maybe something wrong with transmission?
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Based on your description, it seems the bike is starving for fuel when this happens. It is possible you got bad gas somewhere along the way. The dirty fuel pump screen is an indication. There is a chance some of the junk got to the injectors and partially clogged them. I would try to put Sea Foam in the small amount of fuel (like 1/2 Gal) in the concentration recommended on the bottle, and let it idle for a while and see if this helps.

Cleaning injectors is another more expensive and more time consuming option.
Thanks everyone for all of your suggestions. The shop finally tracked down the problem with the help of Suzuki USA. Even though the fuel pump when tested put out more than specified in the shop manual, Suzuki said it should be more (it appears the shop manual has a mistake in it - I am going to check my manual when I get home). Also suggested by Suzuk,i a pressure test of the pump showed that it did not hold pressure like it should and confirmed that it was the pump. Had a new fuel pump shipped in overnight and $1,450.00 (OUCH!!!!!) later we were on our way. After making our way to Olympia Washington we are now in Cody Wyoming. The bike is running great and we are having a blast once again. Thanks so much for all your concern and great suggestions. Doug
WOW,we keep pumps on the shelf should have called,glad ya back up and rollin..
That is one huge chunk of change for a fuel pump. Goldenchild, what would it have cost if he got it threw you and had it shipped overnight?
I was only 2 hours away and had a fuel pump I could have sent you or drove over to you...

:poke: doh at least you got it figured out.
still in wyoming? im in casper. buy ya a burger if your still in the area.:beerchug:
sorry they bent ya over for the pump, ouch!
For 1,450.00 it should have come with a new tank,full of gas,umberalla girl and a mechanic from Suzuki to put it on for you :whistle:
I also think that is pretty expensive, but you have to consider that he was not from there and the shop had to get him in before the other business they had lined up. Sometimes you have to pay out the ass in order to get things done quickly.

I would have done just about the same as him if I had a problem like that half way through a 10K mile trip.
understand that he is paying for all that maintenance time too, not like the fuel pump alone cost that much..

sure does seem rediculous though???