24,000 mile check up...need input


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Okay sportsfans....Seabiscuit is running perfectly. But she is just 100 miles short of 24,000 miles on the odometer and I've had her exactly 3 years.

The bike really has given me NO trouble. Flawless across all powerbands....and pulls like a mother at 100 mph and up...still have only topped out at 152 mph...

Anyways, with the bike running so well....what should I have my mechanic do?

If its running well, do I have to do the throttle body sync?
Fuel filter (aint that in the gas tank...or in the fuel pump)

what else would you do at 24k miles? Any cables? Chain was replaced with DID x ring back at 15k...so that should be good.

What sayeth you wise men (and women ((VA BUSA)) of the board?
Check valves
Spark plugs
Wheel bearings
Head bearing
air filter
throttle body sync
TPS adjustment
Brake fluild
clutch fluid
radiator flush
oil change
check for hose cracking

Thats it for now. If I think of more Ill let ya know.