Need help/advice - Rivets popping on Yoshimura exhaust


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Both the inside rivets on the cap of my exhaust broke off during this weekend at Barber. I guess I can put new ones in, but if I drill out the old ones, won't they fall down into the exhaust and cause problems there?

I'm kinda ticked off it's about exactly one year old....

Would any backfiring cause this? Charlie said blue flame spit a foot out the back of my exhaust going around the track this weekend (when he was behind me, of course :moon:) - we took the arrestor/baffle out on Saturday night :laugh:
call them. they are pretty good on service...but you wont have a can for a while
I have yoshi TRS and about 3 rattling on my left can that i riveted myself. Im going to replace them soon. They didnt fall out but just rattled loose it seems.

If one falls in, as long as you baffle is still in the exhaust you should have nothing to worry about. The baffle wont allow them to fall in. Now if you have gutted cans like myself there is more risk but i doubt the broken rivets could travel all the way back to the headers and up in the head? ??? If you drill them out and want to take the broken rivet pieces out, you will need to remove the cans and remove the baffle and packing which means you need to repack the cans...
I have the baffle out but just took it out and could put it back in, but I don't think it would prevent the drilled out pieces from falling down into the can.
It is not the baffle being removed that is the problem. The 08 Pumpkin of Fishhooks we had has never had the baffle and the bike had 21K on it when I sold it. No popped rivits. Call Yoshi. They should send you a repack kit for free.

Oh, and back at you...:moon:
Hey Charlie, remember how we sweated getting the baffle bolt out, and not dropping IT down into the can? :laugh: Duct tape is the BOMB. Sure do like the new sound :)
Like a bad game of "Operation" just waiting on that stupid buzzer sound to scare the crap out of you.:rofl:

Hey Charlie, remember how we sweated getting the baffle bolt out, and not dropping IT down into the can? :laugh: Duct tape is the BOMB. Sure do like the new sound :)
I guess if you pull the muffler, drill thru them all, pull the cap off and shake all the pieces will fall out?
What about the packing? Wont the rivet bits get stuck in that?

I dunno its why I'm asking. Maybe if I took the muffler off and held it upright when I drilled, they'd fall out instead of up the pipe....
No, inside your muffler case/housing is a straight through perforated tube, that is what's wrapped in packing. That tube just slides into the case/housing and both end caps get riveted in place, it's that simple(the perforated tube is usually attached to one of the endcaps). It is possible that a piece of rivet can get into the packing, but 99%of the time it will fall out as you remove the center tube from the case/housing. Should a piece be stuck it will be visible and you can lift it out, worst case, just unroll the packing from around the perforated tube, remove any pieces, and then roll it back up.
Your muffler(s) and all similiar designs are very simple, and made that way so they are easily repacked. You just drill all the rivets, pull the center tube out, pitch the old packing in the trash, and roll the new sheet of packing material around the center tube and reassemble. This is why it's so simple to cut a few inches off a muffler and drill new rivet holes to shorten them for looks and sound.
When you put the new rivets in just make sure that they're the correct diameter(most mufflers use 3/16") and that they're the correct length; too long can interfere with some designs or draw up packing material and thus not seating well, too short and they obviously won't pull the two pieces together. Put alot of pressure on the rivet and make sure it's straight up and down. An extra set of hands to hold the muffler always helps, but you can still do them easily by yourself.
It's very simple, don't worry about.:beerchug: