Need Advice ...should I buy this BUSA


I am looking at buying my first Busa.  
It is 1999 with 12k miles on it.  
I am buying it from a used bike shop so it comes with a moderate warrenty (6 monthes or something like that).
Bike is bone stock, and has black/grey color scheme.
I live in New England
Visually flawless
Tires are almost brand new
I the price is at $8500

What do you think... is it fair?

Need any more info?
Yeah you need to get the price down a grand at least. Try for $7500 out the door or some free accessories. Otherwise sounds like a good bike.
No way Dude, I bought this bike with 4350 miles for $7000.

Original tires!

If you're looking, hold out, you'll find a better deal!
That price seems high.  Check out this link, or just go to;17490&

Dude, you can buy an '03 w/ 0 miles + a full 1 year warranty from Suzuki for about an extra $1k!

Think about it.  With interest rates as low as they are now, we're talking about what, an extra $15/mo.?  No decision there, IMHO.
Actually the lawn mower trailer looks just about perfect for the bike. Just mount a front tire rail in their and a toolbox and you still have some room for tires and a cooler at the track
Plus I bet that trailer is is cheap!
if nothing else, go for a TLR, they sell them brand new for ~7000 in most places around here, they can't seem to sell them. That is of course if there are no busa's for sale within a reasonable price range...yeah right.