Hey Narcissus, if your not doing anything tonight.  I will be heading over to the Goose tonight, about 8:00PM.  Buy you a beer or your favorite beverage.

See Ya,
If it weren't for TireExpress and/or UPS screwing up my shippment I'd have gone (sent to my billing address, which is a PO Box... had to go to UPS in Mesquite... AGAIN!).

I'm balancing my wheels right now and deciphering the wiring harness for another member. Looks like next Tuesday will be cold again. Arrgh!


At least this week will be in the 70s.  
Hey Narcissus....Suzuki Kevlar Jacket!! I have the same exact one, only mine is in blue with red lettering.

Got mine from a Suzuki Dealer Rep for $200.00. Great for in the winter or on cool nights but sucks in the heat. No perforation!
I remove the liner in the summer and it's still too hot. Beats road rash, though (as I found the hard way once

I've had my eyes on a Kushitani suit at Moto Liberty. Too much on my currently non-existant budget, though.
Maybe you saw my comment yesterday re hot weather riding on the Yahoo Hay group. Here in Saudi where it does get rather toastie-warm I found that using denim/kevlar (so I don't wet leather) and cotton under, it I could keep somewhat comfortable using a water backpack with a hose down my shirt.

At, say, 100 mph and 120DEGF you can't possibly hold enough water or sweat enough to make up for the heat being transfered to you by the wind directly on your skin. It sounds wrong, but just keep enough air flowing through your clothes to get the refrigeration effect of the drying cotton and it'll feel like you've got AC.