Can This Be Done??


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O.K. ladies and gents this has been a nagging question and noone seems to know or want to answer. This question has been asked in other posts that did not directly relate to it, but hopefully starting a new topic on the subject will clear up any questions. O.K. here is the question:

Can the 220mph speedo be swapped with a 185mph speedo and be calibrated to work correctly?

Any info would be greatly appreciated. I figured either Ninja Eater or Narcissus would know this. They always seem to know about this stuff.

Thanx man. I don't know why this has been such a difficult question for us.

The question is wether it will be off due to the rise of the speed. Someone said they would check into it, but I lost the thread. 3 boards and I start to forget stuff.
What I mean is the yellow box does an overall percentage for 0-180mph. The new speedo will read 0-220mph. Someone said they did it, but others say it may still be off in some of the ranges, but not all of them.