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I just installed the SpeedoHealer. Very easy install, great product, and fantastic support. I had a question, and I got a response in less than an hour (this was at 10PM).

If any of you are trying to decide between the Yellowbox and the SpeedoHealer, one nifty option that the V2.0 SH has is a highest speed. Press a button and your speedo displays your last highest speed. Kinda cool/kind gimmicky.

The one thing I don't understand is why the speedo error and odo error are not the same. I'll have to ask them about that.

I have yet to fine tune the settings, but it seems pretty accurate so far. I've told the wife that I need to go ride for 100 miles in order to calibrate it.

Ping me if you have any questions...

Thanks Juggler......................too bad it still has to be spliced, but the highest speed feature would be great!!!!!!!!!
How much and where did you get it from? I think the high speed deal is cool too. Do you have to install a switch for that feature? How long does the needle hold its high speed readout?
$85 shipped from www.calsportbike.com.

The instructions indicate that you should take power from the switched hot that the sensor uses. The problem that I had with that is that say I wanted to view my highest speed. I would have to turn off the ignition, and open the hump in order to press the button on the unit. When you turn the ignition off, the max speed memory is cleared, so unless you have a remote hump opener or have the device mounted someplace in the open, that wouldn't work.

I ran it directly to the battery (SH Support confirmed VERY low draw), so now I can turn my ignition off, pop the hump, and press the button. As long as I press the button, the speed is registered. It's geeky, but kinda cool. A GPS would be more accurate, but this is cool.

I would recommend the V2 version of the SH. The support guy I e-mailed indicated that for $99 they have a custom unit where you can mount a remote switch rather than pressing the button on the unit.

Plug and play would be better, but that would add to the cost. I'm very pleased so far.