My ride


I hope this works. This is my ride. Only mods are the Harpoon cans, modulated low-beam headlight and a set of fogs (for night riding and country back roads).
Ok, that didn't work. Back to the drawing board. Let me figure how to attach a pic. Later guys...
Looks good are those the fog lights about half way down the shocks? How did you attach them.


Yea i like those fog lights how much do they help. I do a lot of night riding those would come in handy.
Yep, those are the fogs half way down the shocks. I removed the round reflectors and just used the reflectors' mounting brackets for the fogs. They work great, minimizes the use of the high beam which could be quite distracting to oncoming traffic. And of course, beam of light points to where you turn so they really light your path.
Hey Junbug,

Big props and a thumbs up to ya. Those fog lights look great. Just curious, are they selectable? I mean does it work with an "on-off" switch. Looks cool.

Another question for ya Junbug: Where did you get the frame sliders? They seem to be mounted into the fairing stay bolt hole. Did you have to enlarge the hole? If not, let me know where I can get these sliders from. I am not too crazy about cutting anything.


Is doing the damn thang...I thought from your first post you would be putting a picture of a raggety ass pick-up truck covered in mud with the front light clean...

I love that Busa...And you know this man...
Hey Brian,
The fogs have a mini toggle switch so I can choose to turn them on whenever I need to. I have not permanently set the switch to a spot on the bike as I am not sure if I want to drill a hole or fabricate a plate. As for the frame sliders, they don't go far out enough and therefore not really for heavy sliding (Ouch&#33
but rather just for those unfortunate "I forgot to put the side stand down" accidents. Like you, I would hate to bore a big hole on the fairing so I went this route. I got them from a local guy here who also owns a busa. I got the Harpoon cans from him too. I believe those sliders are available in your neck of the woods. Otherwise, let me know and I'll hook you up (I paid Cdn$80).
Cheers. Jun