My Reg/Rec has died


Oh well, I had the recall letter months ago for the Reg/Rec on my 2009 Hayabusa and thought id leave it for a while being as the bike has 19000 miles on it and it wasnt showing any symptoms, until tonight that is. Got all my riding gear on, key in, push the starter and it sounded strong turning over but I knew something wasnt right, I turned it off and started it again, and again. Fourth time I hit the starter button it would barely turn over so it was helmet off, back on its paddock stands and I go marching back into the house to shout at the cat (hes still not speaking to me). So its sat out there on the charger right now and I just hope I can get it to the Suzuki dealer which is 8 miles away, should be ok I reckon with a good overnight charge. Im a bit of a tool though for not getting it done sooner.
Call the dealer and ask if you can just pick it up,if yer bike wont start. Just exchange bad one for good one. They might not do it if they want the money from zook for the install. Some will do it,some wont. Some will ask for yer name and vin,then bill zook for an install. :whistle:

I googled yer city,me Mum being from London,I have a keen interest in England. Looks kinda cool,I like the river,the town,the roads,home to Charles Darwin too.

Where about in London is your Mum from.

I cant even remember anymore Newman,some where poor I would imagine.I say a poor district because me Grandad was a stoker in the navy,probably not the best paying job. My Mum and Dad met in London in the 40's when me Dad was over there killin' nazi's. He was canadian infantry in the same squad with his brother and the two of them met my mum and her sister and they all hit it off bigtime. So the 2 brothers married the two sisters and brought their war brides back to Canada after the war was over.

I wanna say Charing Cross for some reason but could be miles off. It was close to one of the tube lines (which doesn't help I know) but remember them taking shelter down there during air raids.

I have only been over there once in '77 .

Would love to get back someday.