My new trailer build

Could you squeeze two bikes in there?
It's a 6x12 with a 6' 6" inside height and a 2' V nose. You could probobly fit 3 Busas in there or 2 full size baggers but you need to be aware of weight. This single axle trailer is rated @ 3500lb's. The trailer weighs 1510lbs. I'm only hauling 1 Busa to drag strips or the 600 to road courses and a Yamaha Zuma pitbike. Add in the weight of tools, stands, fuel, tires, table, chairs, EZup, cooler and gear. A tandom axle trailer is rated @ 7000 lbs. The problem with that is if you don't have 5000-6000+ lbs in it the suspension doesn't work properly and it bounces all over the road.
I like the idea of fully enclosed and lockable , and that sure is a neat unit . Are you planning on some sort of attachable awning / shelter extension for extra comfort for your when parked up at race meets etc. ? Add one of those fueled generators and you got the basis for a great self sufficient set up .


Quiet a few of those around the track, and popular. A little generator / 5000 btu window unit makes them very comfortable while waiting @ track. Some of the clear meat locker strips you can keep a door open.
Many build a internal box for the A/C UNIT then do louvers on a side for it to exchange the heat. Some of the 7500 btu units have a/c and heat strip. Roof top units are not as expensive as they use to be.
Are you planning on some sort of attachable awning / shelter extension for extra comfort for your when parked up at race meets etc. ? Add one of those fueled generators and you got the basis for a great self sufficient set up .
Oh ya, I have a 10x10 EZ up shelter, a Honda generator and a Coleman ultra low profile roof mount AC is coming soon
if you get torsion Axles on your double axle they are not quite so bad as Springs but they usually cost more. The other problem with them is because they will haul up to 7,000 pounds it gets easy to load them up which may overload your tow vehicle as well as upset your weight distribution Which BTW is generally 10 percent of the total load on the ball so say your truck will pull 5000 sounds you would need 500 on the hitch
A double up here in the north is about 700.00 more than a single and if you want a longer trailer Say 16 instead of twelve they tend to be a stock item. Once you have punched the hole in the wind the length really does not matter all that much. Just be careful with the add ons They add up to a tidy sum in a very short time
I hear ya. Buying a trailer was a pain in the ass. Seems like every hillbilly with a welder and a chop saw is a trailer manufacturer. There is ALOT of of junk out there. Everyone wants to sell the cheapest trailer, especially in this size. I've seen 6x12s for $2200 brand new, lol. What I wanted was a super premium piece with Torsion axle, cabinets, finished interior and A/C. Nobody on the planet stocks a trailer like that, it's special order only (16-20+ weeks) and the only thing available on the lot are the entry level base models. I was lucky to find this one. At least it has the extra height, mag wheels, screwless exterior, LED lights and ramp door with a transition flap.
Well damn--I see buying the right trailer is almost as much of a decision as buying the right bike!

I need something fast because I'm moving and I gotta get the bikes there somehow. Maybe I will just go with a Uhaul for that.
Making progress...

Pitbull front and rear stands all mounted up.


Etrack , milk crates, fuel jug


PitPal makes a bunch of killer stuff. Here is my deluxe helmet rack, the shelf underneath has my leather pants and gloves. My jacket will be hung from the bottom when I travel. On the right is the short stack. Top is for aerosol cans, bottom shelf is for oil and other quart containers plus paper towels, shop towels and a handy shelf.

Here is the PitBull trailer restraint system.


Here is the spare tire mounted to the etrack and my Deluxe Pitbull clothes hanger.



That 20 volt DeWalt fan is perfect to move some air around the trailer and you can turn the fan straight up and set your helmet on top of it. It will dry it out in less than 10 minutes. Nothing worse that putting on a wet helmet.



Thanks Roadtoad, I had big plans for this trailer but I'm holding out for my next one. 6x12 is a decent size for a single street bike style race bike that doesn't require a bunch of spair engines and parts, but an 8.5x24 would be nice too. :p


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I am a HUGE fan of PItbull products. I also have some pit-pal stuff as well. Well done sir!

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