My Hayabusa's visit to the Dragon....

My Busa

After months of preparation, my wife & I went to run the dragon. This stretch of pavement features 318 turns within 11 miles & should be visited by every motorcycle enthusiast at least once.

I watched many you tube videos before my trip & learned that the real life death course looks nothing like the videos I have seen as the videos don't capture the high degree of banking & carving that this road offers. Keep in mind that just to get to the dragon you will ride on some of the most challenging roads this land has to offer.

We went with 15 other riders, of which one fell off breaking his clavicle & a rib. He also sustained some harsh road rash on his hand as the pavement ate right through his glove. After the trailer was called & his dead carcass of a bike was loaded the rest of us continued on. Many ran the dragon at least 10 times.

This first video is just a few minutes of my wife & I riding 2 up, on a super bike, on the dragon for the very first time. We rode very slow yet still touched the double yellow several times. Leave your ego at the door folks, this road is infamous for humbling the most experienced rider out there. To be a local here would mean you have gone down more than admitted on the dragon. To be a local here would mean your bike looked like a frankenstein creation. I am thankful I live no where near Route 129 or I would surely die..

While you may have some critiques, I would ask you to understand that this was just a few minutes of that very first run. You may want to wait until I post the final run to comment(evil grin).


of the Dragon 2013 - YouTube[/url]


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Absolutely challenging roads, especially for those that don't ride much or often (like me)! The experience is more about spending time with fellow board members for me.


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You make it sound like this area is some mythical land... :laugh:

I have to disagree with you about locals having crashed on 129 and riding frankenbikes. While there are a few, most of us aren't like that at all.

There's nothing at all wrong with your pace. As long as you ride safely within the limits of your own ability and allow faster riders to pass when it's safe to do so, nobody's going to give you a hard time about your speed. The only major sin up there is crossing the center line through a blind turn. It is seriously frowned upon, and if one of the photographers catches you doing it, they'll make you famous.

Sorry about your friend's incident. Nobody wants to go on a vacation and come home injured.

You mentioned the other roads in the area. Many people think 129 is all there is to see in the area, and they are so wrong. There are plenty of other great (some would say better) roads out here. A lot of riders who live in the area just avoid that section of 129. I'm not including you in this, but there are so many riders, drivers, and semi trucks who come in from other places and go through the Dragon like they're invincible. It creates a dangerous situation for everyone involved, and occasionally it does get someone killed.

All that said, I'm glad you had a good, safe time while you were down in this little corner of the world. Let somebody know when you're coming back. :thumbsup:

I particularly enjoy this meme...


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It's humbling to get passed by a local and left after a few corners when you think you're doing so good :bowdown: It's a nice road but so many more with less traffic and no popo in the NC mountains.


I ride the dragon a few times pe year only a 3hr drive from my house. In my opinion the Cherahola Skyway is way better. Long sweepers and never seen a cop
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