Dragon's Tail


Anybody ever heard of the dragon's tail or tail of the dragon? It is supposed to be a good ride somewhere in Northwest Georgia. Any info would be appreciated. I'd like to head up there on a warm weekend soon.
It's actually called Deals Gap. It's in the southwest corner of NC on the boarded of TN. It is a blast to ride but please be careful. It has bitten alot of people and even worse killed some. The web site list above is a very good one. Look around it read what they say and have a blast when you get there.
Yeah be very careful I almost bit it on turn 2 my first time there. Talk about sum curves sheeze 318 turns in a 11 mile stretch. Man your gonna see sum knee draggn rydaz when you get there ;but watch out I just saw a 2hr police video using a wireless video camera mounted (concealed) up in the a tree in one of the hot corners . Operation tag'n your azz!!!!!
Rhythm, That camera thing sucks! I think it's only a matter of time before all of us become subjects of constant survilence. BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING! We gotta do something about that.
They also do a trick with unmarked cars and trucks. You pass one guy on double yellow, he will radio ahead and they block the road and give you a ticket. The other thing to watch out for is at the end on the Tennessee side. Usually have at least one sometimes two patrol cars on the straightaway beside the river at the end of the runout. It's a nice long straight section of several miles and the temptation is to haul ass through there. Watch it, almost always patrolled there by the river.

Lastly, much better if you can get there during the week. Lot less law enforcement then, and you won't have to play it so close to the vest. On weekends, it's hard to run it fast anyway, because of the traffic. Lots of people up there on weekends, sports cars too.
Yeah be very careful I almost bit it on turn 2 my first time there.  Talk about sum curves sheeze 318 turns in a 11 mile stretch.  Man your gonna see sum knee draggn rydaz when you get there ;but watch out I just saw a 2hr police video using a wireless video camera mounted (concealed) up in the a tree in one of the hot corners .  Operation tag'n your azz!!!!!
I saw the same one. That was set up as part of a sting that was going on. The cops gave out a lot of tickets to sportbikes so the riders got together and brought them to court. Stating that sportbike were being targeted. The cops set up the camera to cover their butts. Even watching the video you can tell that the cops were targeting the sportbikes because they pointed out everyone the went by. There were sport cars,trucks,Harlys and just about anything else you could think of cutting the lines through the corners and they never pointed them out. I'm not sure what the out come was. I went up there last summer for the weekend and the only time I saw the cops was after some guy went over the edge. As long as no one does anything stupid it's not that bad. Just keep an open eye and be careful. They are out there.
I've tamed the Dragon more than a time or two. It is a great ride. And to be honest its probably the most technical ride i've ever been on. Its demanding from beginning to end. Its not just the curves the the canter of some of the curves. By the half-way mark on my first ride i was thanking God I reason to stop... 318 curves in 11 miles, for me was uncomprehensible (big word) and the thing about it is I can never remember the course well enough to be ready for the next curve.

Hey if you go up also spend some time riding on the Blue Ridge Parkway and Cherahaw Parkway... And if you have time park the bike and do some white water rafting.. Its a great area to spend a week or a few days in.
Hey BusaBen the straight away by thr river your talkn about I thought was the beginning of the draggon.  That's where I ran into some locals and they broke me in on the do's and don't and what to look out for.  Yeah Dezzy I couldn't agree with your more on the ride throught Blue Ridge etc (nice scenery).
Yo Mr Hawaii Big brother is here to stay no matter what !!!!!
We use to trailer the bikes up from florida and spend the week end. Once on my zx-7 when I came in to the store my rotors where so hot I spit water on them and it was like a pouring water on a stove.

Have fun be careful and steel braided lines before you go.
That area sounds nice but too hot with enforcement. I don't know if it would be worth it. I can't wait for Lo and Howlin to guide us thru the backroads at Laguna. Hopefully no coppers.
I can tell you that the tales of enforcement are a little exagerrated.... Just be smart around the lake before you get to the gap. The same goes for the Skyway. Just use your head. If you make a trip of it, I can highly recommend hitting it during the week. The weekends offer mixed ride results, you are likely to get stuck trying to pass a bunch of Hardley-Ablesons or even worse.... Wingers and trikes (who usually try to help by speeding up). I recommend riding with someone if you ride hard during the week.... there is little traffic and it's a long way to the nearest hospital.

The cops always show up and stay a while after someone wrecks (which is all but garanteed on the heavy summer weekends). On the weekends you can get the condition of the road and the cop reports at the overlook and at the gas station (each end of the run).

If anyone is planning on making a trip and would like my phone # (just in case things get all pear shaped and you need help, just shoot me an email before you head this way). I live about 50 miles from the gap (hence the name......) and have a trailer. If I am in town, I'll be more than happy to help. Hopefully I'll be up there more this year... I barely ate through my stock mufflers last year!!
Friends in the Cincinnati area took off back in mid Oct. to ride through the Smokies. I'd have to agree that the Dragon was the most technical 11 miles of road that I had experienced. the first time through was spent dev. a rythym for the dragon and scoping out the gravel that builds up in some of the turns. The 2nd and 3rd time through though was in 2nd gear for 80% of the time. Just when you're on the verge of hitting the limiter it's time to slam on the brakes. Can you say countersteering? I sure hope so as the little crosses throughout the dragon do catch your attention. Get some buddies together, rent a chalet near route 66 and go asphalt surfing. Scenery was breath taking as was the riding! Todd
KS_Waterbug the Honda Hoot use to be in Asheville until about two years ago. ITs another MAJOR bike event from what I've heard, though I never attended that one. The event is now located in Pigeon Forge, Tenn. which is within riding distance of the Dragon which shares the NC-Tn state line...you can get all the info for it online.