My dream came true.

Ever since I have been interested in bikes, I have wanted a busa, my first bike was a 2006 gsxr 600 and it was awesome. Just got home from deployment and went the same day to get my '13 busa! Monday, I will be getting a brocks alien head and power commander installed, then will lower and possibly extend

@msally, i love how the yellow looks, especially with the black. i would have gotten that one but im going with a black and white theme on mine so thats why i chose the white :oldcool:
Congrats and welcome. One thing though.... Skip that power commander (old school out dated technology) and have the ecu flashed.

Thank you for your service!!
Congratulations and welcome to the gang :cheerleader:

I also bought a Yellow Limited Edition 13 today picking her up on Sunday afternoon, not ridden it yet so someone will have to tell me how the brakes compare to a non ABS Gen 2 (Which I have ridden)

Maybe we could ask the forum leader to start a section entitled "2013 Owners Club"

Dr Rob
@busabim, yes it has the abs. @ dr robbusa, congrats on your bike, you will love it. I really like the LE. This is the first busa I have ridden, so im not sure how the other years brakes are, not being ABS. I do know that they work very well, though.

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