My buddy wants a new silver Busa


Hey guys I am looking in New England for a good deal on a new Silver Busa My buddy wants one after he rode mine. Does anyone know a dealer that will treat him right. The dealer up here wants 10,500 I think that was alittle high maybe I am high what do you think?
Tell your dealer you would like him to find you a 2002 still in the box, they are out there and it should save you about $1000 anyway.

Just a thought.
Bought mine at Land Air in Essex Junction, VT.
3rd new bike from these guys.
He did mine for 10,150 out the door, you pick up taxes reg.
No freight or set-up.
Has Silver Busa on the floor ready to go.
Want me to ask my them for the same deal again
Called my buddy at Land Air,
His name is Mike Barstow
# is 802-878-5052
ext 5 for sales.
He will do a deal at 10,200.
Has one ready to go.
2003 Silver GSX1300RK3
I have nothing of real value to add except to mention that your friend has exquisite taste and must be incredibly smart in his choice of the fastest color!