My blown up turbo. not for the squeemish!

It was minutes away from being ready to ride, then squeel-bang, it was un-ready to ride. Bert is helping out big time with a substantial upgrade. I'll be heading down to his shop as soon as I can. I'll post more pics when it's finished.
Here's the pretty outside of the old turbo:

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J B weld ain't gonna' help this one. Oh yeah, almost forgot, used Rayjay 300 series for sale, custom lightened wheels.

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I don't really know what happened to cause the failure. Both sides of the broken shaft still spun so I think it must have been an age/fatigue issue. I'll just have to make sure that there's no junk in the motor and that I've got good oil supply and pick-up to the turbo and start over.


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Are you going with a larger turbo or the same...Something must have gotten in there to destroy those fins...
It may sound dumb but I think I'll shake out the exhaust to see what I find. It's also getting a leakdown and comp. test. It still runs just like it did before, but who knows, maybe a chunk of something got in there? Bert will heal it. I did find part of the carbon seal in the exhaust flange when I took it off. Now that I'm thinking about it, that couldn't have gotten where it was without going through the blades. I really not too concerned if something let go int the old turbo. A new turbo will solve that. I wish I was rich. Then all of this would just be a delay. I'm gonna' go sit my broke ass in the corner and stare at the wall for awhile.

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Dayum TurboJohn

You have just the worst luck with the COPPER BEAST hopefully Bert will get you thru this..
when you get the bike done I know you will take the Dyno shootout next year @ Cycle Barn



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