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So I bought a gen 1 busa at less a year ago. When I first bought it I had it on the dyno and it made 180 and 4.5 psi pump gas with map from Mr turbo. I rode the bike for a little bit and I put it in the corner of my garage and focused on my drag bike. My buddy ended buying the bike from me about a month ago and went crazy with the bike. First thing he did was installed a new waste gate and turned the boost up. He had a local guy tune it for him. Hitman performance. Bike made 220 225 on c16 sock injectors maxed out. So after a weekend at the track he wanted more. He bought bigger inj6to replace the stock ones. I think he bought some 550 cc injectors. He had another guy tune it and spent lots of money on a tune and fuel. Bike ran like crap and didn't get a dyno sheet. He went back to hitman for a new tune. Bike pushing 15 psi and 10.5 afr bike made 260 hp and 178 trq. This is a bike with that's been turbod since new never been touched motor with 50k miles on it. Some might say numbers are low. But this bike is 12 inches longer then stock with a shinko hook up on it and 5 hours of dyno time. Goes to show how amazing the gen1 hayabusa is and how strong they are. Hitman said with a regular tire and lean the tune out the bike should make around 300 on his dyno. We are going to the track this week to see what his bike can do. I will update this with time slips.



Mine is making 290 and 7psi 300 with 8psi on a stock motor,so far so good it's been 2 years with no trouble what so ever! My tuner says around 290 max for a stocker if you want it relatively reliable, I use mine every day and 3000 mile trips away too,it's serviced very regularly with new oil Ect every 2-3000 miles
Yes 260. But this is on a drag bike so 170 link chain, shinko hook up tire and 5 hours on the dyno. Tuner says he can lean it out and it will make at less 300 without the drag tire. Bone stock motor with 50k miles with a turbo on it. Doesn't have a spacer plate or anything. My buddy just wants it to last 2 more track days before he pulls the motor and build it.
Ok so let me understand? 5 hours on the dyno to tune a 260 HP drag bike? Who is this tuner? Sooooo, if it doesn't last 5 more hours on the dyno to lean it out and 2 drag bike days is your guy going to build the leftover pieces or what then? Does the Shinzo make more or less dyno power? How does the dyno power translate to drag bike performance? Curious as I am trying to make a drag bike too.
Shinko hook up tire will give you lower dyno numbers. They tuned the bike very rich so it wouldn't melt down. Yes it took 5 hours to tune the bike. He built a whole new map. Build a whole map takes time a good amount of time. Dyno is a tool to use to tune a bike or car or whatever. Trap speeds will tell you what your bike makes power wise.
Ok so let me understand? 5 hours on the dyno to tune a 260 HP drag bike? Who is this tuner? Sooooo, if it doesn't last 5 more hours on the dyno to lean it out and 2 drag bike days is your guy going to build the leftover pieces or what then? Does the Shinzo make more or less dyno power? How does the dyno power translate to drag bike performance? Curious as I am trying to make a drag bike too.
yea a proper tune will take 4-5 hours! you obviously need to do a little more research based on ur comments. at 260 hp that motor isn't even sweating and of course the Shinko will rob you of power on the dyno.

wat makes you think a Busa motor is gonna be left over in pieces at 260 hp?

not sure why anyone wud dyno with a soft Shinko but nonetheless it won't change the tune just the number.
Have him lean it out to make 300. Then do 2 track days. Then when it detonates you can build your motor to handle a turbo. If you made 260 with a stock motor and a shinko and that isn't a generous number dyno, you will be there soon enough anyway.
Id go so far as to say 15psi with that much compression should have erupted on the dyno and I don't believe it made that low of a number if it did. Mine with much less compression at 15psi makes 340 at 15. Who is this tuner?
Bill hitman is the tuner.
My buddy was busy with his shop so he wasn't able to swap his street tire on his bike. So that's why it was tuned on the shinko. Yes 260 it much for a busa. I just posted this to share for people that are new to the turbo world. To show a busa can make good power on a stage one kit. This bike has been turbod for 50,000 miles. Just showing that the motors are strong and do last. Even with a turbo
For anyone reading this thread, please contact Richard at RCC turbos or Rob at Boosted Cycle Performance. There are numbers being stated here that are contradictory to what a stage 1 turbo kit on a stock gen 1 engine should be in order to 1. last a significant amount of miles 2. give you realistic expectations of hp. Richard can explain to you what you will be capable of and pitfalls to avoid to ensure longevity of your engine. I can assure you that I pushed the limits of those expectations however, nowhere near what some of the numbers stated here are, and did not make it a single race season. I am not the only one. Believe what you read on the net without contacting the source and kit manufacturer and you will be disappointed. Had I been satisfied with a 230-240hp 11.1 AFR tune and stuck with what Richard and Rob told me, I would not have detonated.


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All I can say is WOW. This is not a good example or representation to a potential turbo customer at all. KJ is correct, the numbers here do not correlate. First of all, you can make 260 rwhp on a stock motor with WAY less that 15 pounds of boost. This bike was not tuned correctly, you don't tune anything at 10.5:1 afr. The dyno chart looks terrible and at 260 rwhp, this bike should be making around 140 ft lbs of torque, not the 170+ as stated.
Bingo! Congratulations to Mr. Jones and Powerhouse! I was just going about it in a more ask questions kind of way when Mr Brett came in insulting me. Mr Brett, you are Obviously full of wisdom and experience so how about this? We lock up $10,000 or more in an escrow account? We will set a date next spring, meet between each other at a drag strip and race. Wheelbase for wheelbase, hand clutch, larger turbo spots smaller turbo .50 sec. You ride I ride and I am an overweight senior citizen. I will put my newly built (by myself) Busa on a dyno for no more than a hour and then I make 10 passes then we race on the specified date. Weather permitting! What do you say? We lock up money now, the only way to get it is win! I will give you 2 out of 3 ! What say? Put up or Shut up!
Iam just posting what I have heard from my buddy. This is the first Mr turbo kit that was built using a ray Jay turbo. I thought the numbers were kinda low. But iam not a turbo expert. The guy that tuned has good reviews and bad reviews. All have to say after going to to the track today the bike did do anything close to what it should of. Only trapped 149 all day.

Anybody going turbo should buy a rcc kit. But some people well most people are cheap and buy a cheaper kit. Which ends up costing more money in the long run. I know the next busa I buy is going turbo and will shipped to Frank or the other guy in texas. After reading the stuff they have done I would think they would be money well spent.

My buddy's plan was to run on kill and build it over winter. But he doesn't have a clue what he's doing and I try to point him in the right direction. But what can I say people don't want to spend and want it done now.

Oh and the tuner flashed the ecu to bump the Rev limiter to 11,500. Which I thought was pretty high.
I supposed it's possible with no spacer and stock pistons at 15 psi and 260. Probably already dropped a ring land or two, valves leaking, putting the pressure everywhere but the combustion chamber.
Did I read that right? 260 on completely stock motor?
Now things are making more sense. I don't now jack about turbo bikes, but have always been interest in going turbo one day and have done enough reading on this forum on info posted by frank and others and something wasn't making sense.

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