Mr Turbo Stage One Turbo Kit Dyno Numbers

This is definitely not true, sorry.

Did you know that you can run into the rev limiter all day on a turbo bike without hurting anything? Setting it up properly is the key. Most turbo bikes make peak horsepower before 11,000 rpm anyway (there are exceptions), and there is no benefit to running into the limiter in the first place, but if you do accidentally get there, you won't have issues if your bike was set up correctly in the first place. That is why you let an experienced shop build your dream bike - so it doesn't turn into a nightmare.

The bad experience you had with your bike is not the norm!
totally agree :) i hit the limiter all day on turbo bike .
Well here's an update. Motor ate a rod bearing over the weekend. Iam surprised it didn't bend a rod, ate a piston, or lifted the head. My buddy said he turned the boost up to 21 psi and gave it hell. Kinda wish I never sold him that bike. Totally wrecked a perfect fine bike. Oh well. It's amazing how strong the busa motor is. Right now iam trying to sell him my back up motor for a small profit.
Been awhile since I updated this. Sold my stock motor to him a year ago and he blow that up racing me against my gen 2 turbo bike. So now he built the motor with rods and pistons. And he is upgrading the turbo, manifold and piping. Heres some pics. It's a precision 6262 turbo. Twin scroll I believe.



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