mototeck undertail


ok guys I just ordered a mototeck undertail for my 02, I though I saw a link on instillation problems/procedures but I can find it. Can anyone give me the link? Also should i get the hugger too? Thanks
Yeah, I just ordered one too.  It ought to be pretty cool once I get it, figure out how to install it, and get it on the bike.

Anyone have any advice on removing the stock fender and rear plastics?  Any tricks to it or pitfalls to avoid?  My service manual shows where all the fasteners are located, but it's a bit vague about how to remove those pesky little plastic ones.  

Hayabusa_Z, you mentioned the hugger.  I think I want one of those too, but I am more seriously considering a different type.  I'd rather have one that has the chain guard and hugger as one unit.

Let me know when you get yours, maybe we can help one another out a bit or at least swap pics of the finished product.  Good luck.
Funny I just cut my fender off for an undertail. USE A SAWZ ALL it works perfect. A dremel takes forever, and a disk cut off wheel doesnt get in there right. With the tailsection still on, scribe a line where you want to cut it, then estimate if its correct then cut. You cant cut too much as long as you start shallow.